About me

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination."
Albert Einstein

Lucas Grosjean

I was born and I always lived in France until my departure in Switzerland for my studies. My desire to create and my interests for science has evidently turned me to engineering.

My studies

I have always been interested not only in one, but in a multitude of engineering disciplines. I absolutely wanted to avoid specializing in order to be as versatile as possible. EPFL allowed me to accomplish this goal. In addition to its excellence, it offers a unique curriculum in the world called 'microtechnology'. Its simple objective hides a complex teaching: to further miniaturize the systems, a microtechnicien engineer must understand their operations perfectly. Thus, I have also attended courses in programming, physics, mechanics or electronics.

Recently, I discovered a new interest in new fields such as quantum physics, semiconductors and plasma physics. In addition to studying on my side (through books or even MOOCs), I will deepen my knowledge with the help of a Physics Minor in addition to my Maser microtechnique.

My future

After my studies, I would like to invest in research. During a previous summer internship, I was able to approach and familiarize myself with the research community: juggling at the same time between a theoretical reflection and imagining practical experiences to verify everything is a very exciting challenge.

On the other hand, I find the entrepreneurial aspect very interesting. The idea of creating my own business attracts me (as well based on a product as an Cabinet Engineer). I also like the idea of participating in a venture capital fund.


I follow various MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) afin de développer mes connaissances avec des spécialistes, en voici la liste :

  • Creating and developing a Tech Startup by École Polytechnique and HEC Paris (obtain with distinctions),
  • Silicon Photonics Design, Fabrication and Data Analysis by l'University of British Columbia (obtain with the maximal grade),
  • Non-linear optics by École Polytechnique.


I have already worked in cleanrooms.
I own a driver license B.